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Become An Agent


 Ever wanted to run a business with guaranteed patronage all year round? Or you have always wanted to unleash the entrepreneurial potential you have? Then being an independent sports betting business owner is the answer. Don't miss this opportunity of becoming part of a rare premium product. Our agency program is built based on several years of experience and our brand is fast becoming a household name.

BetKing is offering you the unique opportunity of owning your own personal business by partnering with the fastest growing sports betting network in Nigeria. Our industry proven products, qualitative training and support team are ready to set you up and running in no time to achieve your goal. We offer our customers the opportunity to play in over 5000 events a month in various sports, with incredible bonuses and industry best odds; we ensure your job as an agent is made easy.


Benefits from our unique competitive advantages:

  • Commission percentage based on turnover. You make money for every bet slip you print.
  • Attractive commissions for all online and mobile customers registered by your cashiers.
  • Zero risks or liability on winning bets. We bear the cost.
  • Over 5,000 events available for the most popular sports every week.
  • Over 12,000 live betting events per month.
  • We have the leading European sports betting software.
  • Constant development of new and exciting products.

Technology and Equipment

  • Set-up support for hardware.
  • Technical support on-site and via our customer support channels.


  • On-site support from competent BetKing field staff.
  • Free training course to prepare you and your staff for the opening of your betting shop.

Easy Steps to Kick-off

  • Submission of documentation to BetKing online portal
  • Verification of documents and location.


Below are basic requirements necessary for completing your registration;

  • A shop in a busy area
  • The shop should have space for a minimum of 5 cashiers
  • Minimum of 3 laptops
  • Minimum of 2 Thermal printers
  • Stable internet
  • Generator/power supply
  • No other BetKing agents within 10 minutes of walking distance

Do you want to know more about your options and earning opportunities with BetKing?

Then click here to register. You can also call us on 01-2777247 or send an email to cs@betking.com.

To track the progress or check the status of your application, simply follow the steps below;

  • Visit help.betking.com
  • Sign up with your email and password and then sign in to your account
  • Click on "My Area" and then "Tickets" to view your open requests OR
  • Use your application ID in the search tab to find your application status.

Application Status may be;

Pending Validation: Just received and being reviewed by a representative

Assigned to CE: Being reviewed by a commercial executive

Assigned for Inspection: A date has been sent for a representative to visit your shop location(s)

Rescheduled for Inspection: A new date has been assigned for your shop to be inspected

On Hold: Pending information or feedback from you. To avoid this, ,make sure you attach pictures and provide complete information for the application.

Rejected: Did not meet the requirements or incomplete information was provided.

Approved: Passed the inspection to become a Kingmaker! Your agent account will be created and you will receive a notification.


What it Means to be a Kingmaker

Kingmakers are unique, and they are classified as people who are empowered, combined with the zeal to improve themselves and the people around them. This is the class that our staff and Agents belong to. Being a Kingmaker means the following;

* You are a person who has the ability to make positive change.

* You have a level of responsibility to yourself and the people around you

* You are a blueblood. You do not just think progress, you act progressively.

* You work with a team of other Kingmakers

* You are a playmaker within the kingdom

* Your contribution has a direct impact on the Kingdom and everyone within

* You are a force and you never back down

* You live to inspire and build

* Your ideas are heard

Every month, we issue an award for Kingmaker of the Month, celebrating our agents who have performed outstandingly in the past month in terms of sales, customer experience and accountability. To win the Kingmaker of the Month, agents must meet the following criteria;

* Trade on both Sports and Virtual products

* Keep an open shop for at least 28 days

* Maintain a clean liability sheet

* Show improvement in sales for both products

The agent who matches the above and who shows the most improvement in the month in question is coronated as the Kingmaker of the month.

Latest Kingmaker – Kingsley I. Mouka (Abia State)

The next Kingmaker could be you!

Yet to sign up as an agent on BetKing? Click here to learn more.



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