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Registering An Account

Registering An Account

To play at BetKing, you will need to first register personally with us by opening an account, choosing a unique username, password and entering other information such as your first and last name, full address, email address, date of birth and telephone number. Only true and current information must be submitted, and this information must be updated as necessary to keep it true and current. By registering for an Account, you confirm that:

  1. You are an individual, not a company or other legal entity.
  2. You are opening an Account solely for your own personal and non-commercial use, and you are not acting on behalf of someone else or a company (including by opening or attempting to open an Account in someone else’s name).
  3. You are opening an Account to play at BetKing for yourself and in a non-professional capacity or on behalf of someone else, a company or other legal entity.


Participation in Betting or Games is forbidden for whomever and/or wherever prohibited by law. All players must be the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction or at least 18 years of age if no age of majority is specified (whichever is greater). No persons under this age limit are permitted to use the BetKing website or services in any way. SV Gaming Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any false information provided by the user with regards to age or legal capacity to use the BetKing website. SV Gaming Ltd. reserves the right to ask the Account Holder for proof of age at any time it deems necessary.


An applicant can only use Nigerian Naira.

SV Gaming Ltd. allows only one account per person and these details are stored and checked in our database periodically. Should we have reasonable suspicions that any Account Holder has opened multiple accounts with us we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to freeze that account or to close the account immediately and the customer shall forfeit all his winnings. Account Holders should also note that their original deposits will not be refunded. Account Holders shall also be liable towards SV Gaming Ltd. for damages and costs incurred as a result of the fraud. All new registrations are monitored to ensure that duplicate accounts are not created.


Every holder shall treat his account as a bank account and must be discrete about the password. However, when making withdrawals, account holders may select any account they wish their withdrawal to be transferred into their own name.


To maintain a high level of security, SV Gaming Ltd. reserve the right to conduct a security review at any time, especially prior to processing the Account Holder’s withdrawal request, to validate identity and financial transactions. To facilitate these security checks, Account Holders will be asked to provide such identification or other information or documentation as SV Gaming Ltd. deems necessary. If Account Holders fail to comply with any security request, SV Gaming Ltd. reserves the right to void the Account and freeze the account’s monetary balance. Account Holders will be notified of such verification request by electronic mail and Account Balances will be forfeited if the requested documentation is not provided within 7 days.


The necessary documentation to verify your account include but is not limited to:


A scanned image of Passport or Government issued ID

A recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement showing clearly your Name and Address.

A copy of the front and back of the Bank card used on your account showing the first 6 and the last 4 digits present on the front of the card. Please ensure the last 3 digits at the back of the card are hidden (if applicable)

Proof of ownership of the bank account in your name

SV Gaming Ltd recommends that Account Holders send us their official personal identification documents even if this is not requested. This will facilitate matters at withdrawal stage. Account Holders wishing to send us such documents of their own free will may do so by emailing them to [email protected]