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FreeBet+ Agent FAQs

FreeBet+ Agent FAQs


More ways to win with the Virtual Football Leagues! Punters can now win FreeBet+ when they place bets on the BetKing Virtual Leagues (Kings Live League, Kings Liga, Kings Italiano). Every bet placed stands a chance to win a FreeBet+. 

Qualification: How to qualify for a FreeBet+? 

  1. Punter places a bet via the cashier on BetKing Virtuals.  
  2. If a bet slip qualifies for a FreeBet+ voucher 
    • Cashier receives a pop up on the screen that the punter qualifies for a FreeBet+. 
    • Cashier prints the original bet slip and gives it to the punter. A FreeBet+ code will be displayed on the original bet slip.  
    • The cashier is required to give the original bet slip to the punter. The cashier can print a copy if required for the Shop. The copy will NOT include the coupon code. 
  3. Punter receives the original bet slip and can redeem the FreeBet+ code on their next bet at any Agent Shop. 

Redemption: How to redeem a freebet+? 

  1. Punter shows the cashier their original bet slip with the FreeBet+ code. 
  2. Cashier will enter code where the system will verify the validity of the FreeBet+.  
  3. If VALID, Punter can place bets. If a punter wins on the FreeBet+, he/she will receive the winning and the stakes back 
  4. If INVALID, Freebet+ code is rejected. 


Punter FAQs 

On which products do I have to place a bet to stand a chance to get a FreeBet+? 

  • BetKing Virtuals: Kings Live League, Kings Liga, Kings Italiano 


How much is the FreeBet+ stake value? 

  • The value of the freebet will be indicated on the bet slip. It is equal to the value of the stake on the bet that was eligible for the FreeBet+. For example, if you placed a bet of N200 and you were eligible for FreeBet+ code on the betslip, then the FreeBet+ value will be N200. 


Where can I use the FreeBet+ code to redeem my FreeBet+? 

  • The FreeBet+ code can be used in any BetKing shop nationwide that operates BetKing Virtual products. 


If I get a FreeBet+, how many times can redeem the FreeBet+ by using the code? 

  • A FreeBet+ code can only be redeemed once. 


Do I need to use my FreeBet+ voucher on a single bet slip or am I able to place partial bets with the FreeBet+? 

  • You are required to use the FreeBet+ on a single bet slip and you will not be permitted to place partial bets with a FreeBet+ bet slip.  


Can I use the FreeBet+ voucher at any time or any day?  

  • That depends on the betslip instructions. Some FreeBet+ are required to be used on a specified day while some FreeBet+ can be used on any day. Please look at the information provided on the bet slip.  


If I win a bet placed using the FreeBet+ code, will the stake amount be deducted from my winnings? 

  • No, BetKing will provide you with the full winning amount including the stake amount.  


Can sub-account players get the FreeBet+ also? 

  • No. Only available to offline punters, i.e., customers who place bets in BetKing shops via cashiers. 


Agent FAQs 


How does the FreeBet+ feature benefit me as an agent? 

  • The FreeBet+ is the first feature introduced by BetKing that caters to the punter. FreeBet+ is expected to excite punters and increase the footfall and bets in your shops. An increase in bets in your shops will lead to an increase in your commissions and bonuses. Therefore, it is critical that you make your punters aware of this feature through word of mouth and marketing material across your shop.  


How is FreeBet+ different than the other free bets offered by other betting companies? 

  • BetKing is the only betting company in the market that will pay a punter the full winning amount including the stake on a FreeBet+. For example, if a punter places a bet with his FreeBet+ code of N200 and he wins N1,000 from BetKing then he will get back the full value of N1,000 compared to competition who will subtract the N200 from the winning and only offer N800.  


As an agent, will the FreeBet+ affect the balance or liability when the bet is placed? 

  • No, FreeBet+ will not affect your balance and liability. 


Will the FreeBet+ value be factored into calculating my commissions and bonus? 

  • Yes, it will count towards your commission and bonus. 


Which shop is eligible for the commission and bonus of the FreeBet+? Is it the shop where the punter won the FreeBet+ or is it the shop that the punter played the FreeBet+ in? 

  • The commission and bonus is counted towards the shop that the punter played the FreeBet+ in. As an agent, it is your responsibility to ensure your punters are happy with the services of your shop and to convince the punter to place a FreeBet+ in your shop.  


How will I identify FreeBet+ on the transaction list? 

  • The description text will include ‘FreeBet’ to show that the transaction is a FreeBet+ transaction and the value will be displayed as a 0.00 value. 


Cashier FAQs 


Will FreeBet+ be included in my sales total for the day? 

  • No, this will not reflect in your sales total because money will not be deducted from the cashier’s wallet. 


What happens if I had an issue with printing a customer’s betslip, will the FreeBet+ code be printed on the ‘copy’ print? 

  • No, the FreeBet+ code will only be printed on the original print. A Freebet+ is considered void if there is any issue with printing the original betslip 


Am I required to provide a punter with the bet slip if he/she is eligible for a FreeBet+? 

  • Yes, you are required to give the punter their bet slips that shows them their FreeBet+ code.