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Monthly Sportsbook Bonus

Monthly Sportsbook Bonus


With the monthly Sportsbook bonus, you can now earn up to 40% of your monthly Sportsbook profit.


Product: Sport

Frequency: Monthly (commission month)

Payment Date: every Monday after Commission Month ends


All Settled Sport Coupons are included

Stake on Settled Sport Coupons needs to be above 150k ₦G₦



Bonus = (Bonus  %) * GGR - (Total Paid Commissions) 

Step 1: 

To calculate the Bonus amount, the following metrics will need to be calculated first 

%GGR = Total GGR / Total Stake  

Total Stake: The sum of all the stakes on settled coupons across the month  

Total GGR: The sum of (Stake-Win) on on settled coupons across the month 

Total Paid Commission  = The sum of all Sportsbook Commissions paid across the month 

Average BetGrouping  = Sum of Weighted Stake / Sum of Stake on all Sport Settled Coupons 

Weighted Stake: The sum of (Stake * BetGrouping) on all Settled Coupons  

Step 2: 

Firstly, you need to start by calculating your Average BetGrouping. The equation for BetGrouping can be found in Step 1 above. Based on the value of the Average BetGrouping, your shop will be assigned to a Group as shown in the table below. For example, if your BetGrouping is 5, then your Group will be Group 2. 

Step 3: 

After identifying your group, the next step will be to identify what Bonus % you are eligible for. The Bonus% will depend on the value of your shop GGR% as shown in the table below. For example, if you are in Group 2 (calculated in Step 2) and have a GGR% <80%, then your Bonus% will be 30%. If your GGR is >80%, then your Bonus% will be 5%. 

Step 4: 

Finally, with the numbers identified above, you can now calculate Bonus amount.  
Bonus = (Bonus %) * GGR - (Total Paid Commissions)  



In the table below, you can see activities of a shop in one commission month grouped by BetGroupings. The table showcases each Betgrouping with the coupons, stake and GGR associated with it. For example, we can see that 1,000 coupons had a BetGrouping of 5 and stake on those coupons was 300k.

Now we can calculate bonus amount step by step as described above:

Step 1:

%GGR = 31.62% (Total GGR / Total Stake)

Total Stake = 1,300,000

Total GGR = 411,000

Total Paid Commission = 135,200 (this is Sportsbook Turnover Commission)

Weighted Stake = 8,190,000

   =  Sum(BetGrouping*Stake)

   =  (1 * 100,000) + (2 * 120,000) + (3 * 150,000) + (5 * 300,000) + (8 * 360,000) + (10 * 110,000) + (12 * 160,000)

   =  8,190,000

  • Average BetGrouping = 6.30

   = Weighted Stake / Total Stake

   = 8,190,000 / 1,300,000

Step 2:

Based on Average Betgrouping of 6.30 this shop belongs to Group 3

Step 3:

Since %GGR is less than 80% and shop belong to Group 3 Bonus % is 35%​

Step 4:

Monthly Bonus = 8,650 (= 35% * 411,000 - 135,200)


Video Tutorial:


Points to Note:

  1. The new monthly sportsbook bonus calculation will be applicable to bets settled from the 28th of November 2022.  
  2. The monthly sportsbook bonus will no longer be calculated using the old model. 
  3. The monthly sportsbook bonus is only applicable to the sportsbook product 
  4. The monthly sportsbook bonus is applicable to sportsbook bets placed from cashier and subaccounts only.
  5. The monthly sportsbook bonus will continue to run based on the existing monthly bonus cycle. 
  6. Only settled bets sportsbook bets within the month under review will be factored into the calculation 
  7. The minimum stake value per month for qualification remains ₦150,000. What this means is that the bonus will not be calculated if the sportsbook sales value is less than ₦150,000 for the month under review. 
  8. You will be able to track and check the bonus calculation on the agent bonus dashboard.