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Getting You Started

Getting You Started


Welcome aboard Nigeria’s fastest-growing betting company. Since you are new here, we created a few notes to help you get into business and start earning a commission on your sales. 


We know you are excited about kicking off your trade but it is a super important requirement that you attend a 2-day training session with our team to learn more about making your business profitable and reducing any form of loss in your business. 

An email will be sent to you with your scheduled training date. 

We are constantly advertising and driving brand awareness nationwide and have also built our products to match and, in many cases, surpass customer needs. All you now need is a little push to get more customers into your shop. Here are a few tips; 

  • Share fliers within your area 
  • Execute a shop open launch 
  • Run periodic Promotions in your shop e.g A raffle every Tuesday for losing tickets. 
  • Advertise big wins  
  • Payout winnings in full and on time. 
  • Check out new offers weekly from the Marketing Assets Page


You can create online accounts from your shop profile and earn commissions from their bets. These accounts are called Sub-accounts. 

Watch the video below to learn  how to create sub-accounts


Our products are divided into sports and virtual and so are commissions. You can earn up to 30% in commissions on sports and up to 8% on virtual. Visit the link below to learn all about commissions. 

In addition to your weekly commissions, we pay you a weekly bonus on Virtual and a monthly bonus on sports. Click the link  to view our current Kingmaker Bonus offers 

Selling is good. Making a profit is even better. Stay ahead in your business by tracking your shop's performance using our customized reports. 

  • Cashier Tracking Report: Track sales for each cashier and how much cash they are expected to remit to you daily. 
  • Agent Sales report: Track your sales for the day. View running and settled bets and even Jackpot records. 
  • Agent Commissions: View how much you made based on settled bets within a trading week. 
  • Commission Estimate Reports: View how much you could potentially earn in commissions before the weekends. 
  • Bonus: Track your potential extra bonus earnings using the Bonus dashboard. 

Be sure to pay attention during the training session and if you want a little more information afterward, check out the Agents Tutorials page here for everything you need to know about trading. 


Good Luck and May you Play Long!