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How to Save Bank Account Number

How to Save Bank Account Number

How to Save Your Bank Account

To prevent fraudulent or unauthorized withdrawals, all customers will be required to save a minimum of one (1) bank account for all their withdrawals.

This will reduce your effort in making withdrawals as you will not have to enter account details every time you attempt to make a withdrawal.

You can save your bank account from the bank profile section of your account information or while making a withdrawal.


Benefits of Saving Your Bank Account

  • Save time and energy in submitting bank accounts for every withdrawal request.
  • Prevent fraudsters from withdrawing your funds should your account ever be compromised.


How to Verify Your Bank Account on Desktop

  1. Login to your BetKing account
  2. Click on the “My Account” icon


3. Click on “Edit Profile”

​ 4. Clicking on the edit profile page on the desktop site will take you to your personal information page. Beside the personal infomation page, you will find a ‘Bank Account Info’ tab.

5. Clicking on the “Bank Account Info” tab will take you to your bank account details page


6. Select your bank from the drop-down and enter your bank details

7. Click “Save Profile”

The bank account submitted will go through a verification process. You will receive a notification of the status.

Note: You can still make withdrawals into this account when it is pending verification.