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Zenith Bank Transfer

Zenith Bank Transfer

Zenith Bank Mobile Transfer (XPATH)

1. Log into your Zenith Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking 

2. Click on the 'Menu' Button 

3. Select 'Payment and Collection' 

4. Select the category 'Gaming/Lottery'

5. Select biller – BetKing 

6. Enter the amount you wish to pay 

7. Enter your User ID. This is your 6-digit User ID which can be found on the top right of the website when you log into your account. 

8. Click 'Continue' 

Upon successful completion, your account will be credited immediately.

Fee = N100  

Minimum deposit = N100 

Maximum deposit = N3,000,000



1. Enter any Zenith Bank branch to deposit money from your personal Zenith account into your BetKing account.

2. Deposit to SV Gaming Limited (BetKing) with Zenith Bank cheque/funds transfer form.

3. Fill in the deposit slip properly by providing the required following details:

i. Account Name: BetKing

ii. Account Number: 1130076192

iii. User ID: Insert your BetKing User ID at the top corner of the deposit slip as displayed below.

iv. Depositor’s name: Your Full name

v. Depositor’s phone number: Your mobile phone number

vi. Amount: Amount you plan to deposit.

viii. Cheque number: Insert your Zenith cheque number if paying with your personal cheque. 


Maximum deposit amount: N10,000,000

Fees: N100

Min Deposit: N100


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